The fire chick is back

Lady antabelle wants us to find an artifact. 2′ × 1′ not sure what it looks like. Don’t put the two together
5 inch circular piece given to elrik. Inlaid with gold. Black inside. Black stone that looked he universe was opening. It is called the black opal and will guide us to a gate. Brought back. Doesn’t know if it is time sensitive. We will get paid 600. Elrik gets everyone 10% up front.

Still no leads on symbols.

Travel for one day and get to crossroads. Set up camp and elrik set some traps. Early morning e&e hear noise to their right. See a small monkey like thing. A shanu
Eric gives it food and it eventually climbs up on his shoulder.

Around 10ish a lone figure comes closer. Crüe decision is made to head towards the scorpion sanctum. We travel for a day with no issues. Next evening Ethan hears singing. Ethan tries to look at the book and takes 3 points of damage. Whispers tells everyone to wake up. There is trouble.

There seems to be abhumans coming our way. A couple of them are traveling in the trees. Initiative is rolled. Kelly onslaught. Whisper misses with her crossbow. Ethan misses. Kelly misses his onslaught attack. Ken shoots one doing 6 damage. Whisper misses again picked up weapon and makes fire. Pcs get attacked all miss.

Ken hit one with bow and David brings down the axe on one doing extra damage. Brae misses. Ethan hits and does massive damage. Whisper and beast hit killing a foe. Next foe dies as he falls Elrik pulls attack of abhumans from brae. Kelly onslaughts doing a good hit. Ethan hits as we’ll doing good damage.

Ken destroys the leader with his arrows of might

2 abhumans tackle elrik. Eric comes to help pulling one off. Tia’s throws off his attacker and whisper misses. Abhumans misses elrik. Ken hit. Eric misses. Whisper hits and does 6 damage. Eric hits doing 7 damage and killing him. Whisper gets hit for 5 damage. David helps whisper and hits with a good hit.

Brea strikes down the last foe and the players find a cypher and 16 shins.

Keep traveling and take a lunch. Silver creature from arena shows up and gives us a strange map to some mountains. It is decided to keep going to sanctum and then check out mountains.

Travel a day and sleep in a cave.. First night of brea transformation to wolf. Get up and head to scorpion sanctum.

Decide not to go to the sanctum. Head back to the mountains. Head up the northwest trail. Run into a very small village. Eric goes into store to get rations. There is a little girl and father

Eric buys 8 rations. Plus a globe

Who said the arena was not fun

Characters start in upxhon. We are in the tilted cog. Lady Arabella was our contact. She was scholarly and frail. Was entranced with crystals. Two days later approached by lady servant that she may have work in a couple of days. Meeting on the 16th. The party splits up. Some stay at the bar others go to the gladiator rings. Gladiator rings. Kelly and Aidan pay to get in and watch. Breadan and David go to see how to fight. Entry fee is 25. We asked where to find sponsors. They can be found at the feathered cap. Guard says to try mollaro. The feathered cap is wearing nice clothes. A nice establishment. A lady escorts the two down stairs Bar: two people talked about ghost mountain and silver Library: Ethan finds strange tombs. One book seems out of place. Green binding and strange letters Feathered Cap: led to a room with a knight an lots of numenera. Some sort of force field between us. Looks at us with strange eye and two dogs come out to inspect us.he gives Breadan money to get in with no terms. Breadan enters and is allowed to join the green team. Strange man in silver is focusing on cyphers. Eventually the green team is organized and they are sent to battle 10 killisti. Ends up fighting 3. Breadan gets poisoned but eventually resists. They kill and then have to fight 2 bears. The fight does not go well the little guy dies and Breadan gets mauled losing all his might. Eventually the bear dies massive melee Ken: lady takes to swinging and playing an instrument. Ethan: leaves the library with a book. Margr seem to be following him and attacking. He runs away and they seem to disinigrate. Ken: bodies in the desert. Dead bodies moving

Next day. Garden of Jerzen need a flower purple in color and red stalks. Trading services for healing. Garden seems to move. Cloud crystal sky fields. Within a month.

Nano shop: priest of aeon in upper level of shop. He is not happy that the book is in his proximity. Priest goes to library and opens the door magically. The section where Ethan got the book is no longer there. Then it comes into phase and the creepy man talks about the ghost mountains. Very few return.

Arena of death. Green two has died. His only companion is sitting there dead. Girl from team two survived. They have to fight a wedge gladiator bandits. Breadan fails while the girl takes out multiple
Keeps failing. The battle ends in a stasis. The owner freezes the battle and tells the two to meet him downstairs. David helps brae get to the room. 20 combatants. 500 shins he needs something retrieved. Each get 200. He will double that when they get back with an item that he does not know where it is. A bell. 5 locations. Fish fly, garden of jixen, crowd city, ghost mountains, scorpion sanctum. Somewhere within the cloud crystal region. Whisper is the woman’s name. Expected to take up to two months. Convergence my be involved. Whisper is with the order of truth.

Whisper wants to meet. Fork in the road towards the scorpion sanctum. Morning of the third day.

The 50 Shades of Grey

And so we look toward the shiny object.
- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

Slag and Styx go around the monument to the left to see if there is anything else on the other side. Once they get to the other side, they signal that the area is clear. The group moves around to the left, while Nasmera trips and falls flat on her face. The group makes it to the back without anyone noticing. As a group, we move forward toward the area of green. We get close to the edge – Styx tries to scan the area, but fails. Nasmera looks at the plants and is able to tell that the vegetation is native. There is a hardened air shield between the green area and the faded area. Ganner is able to figure out how to get into the area, by moving slowly. Isabelle and Nasmera go around and ask for water. As Isabelle and Nasmera get closer, one of the guards lifts a cipher and says, “Don’t come any closer”. Isabelle responds that she needs water, but the guards tell her to pound sand. The rest of the group comes around the corner and surprise them. The group gets a free move – Slag runs forward and when he comes close, he passes out – along with one of the guards. The rest of the group moves into different positions around the guard.

The guard lifts his cipher again and fires a green neural beam at Ganner. Phish moves over to Styx to help cover him. Ganner fires back at the guard with a grunt, but misses. Nectus fires at the guard, but misses. Isabelle moves forward and slashes the guard, hits, but does no damage. Korvin runs forward and attempts to tackle the guard. The guard dodges, and fires at Korvin, but misses.

Nasmera runs to Slag and slides to him. She checks him out medically, but he seems to be only knocked out. She ducks down and uses his body as a shield. Styx, concentrates and tries to melt his mind, but is not successful.

Ganner fires again and misses again. Nectus fires but misses again. Isabelle bursts into flame and tries to grapple the guard. Phish fires and strikes him in the chest. Isabelle successfully grapples him and sets him on fire. The guard breaks free but then gets grappled again by Korvin. Korvin knocks out the guard and then ties up the guard and the one on the ground. The other guard, when his robe is pulled back, looks just like Slag. Styx finds “Arcadia” a level 5 Artifact.

Slag finally wakes up and groggily wakes up. We search the bodies of the guards and find one crossbow with 10 bolts and two small daggers (Isabelle and Styx). There is also a set of chain mail. There is one “key” type metal device with three buttons. Styx and Slag go to the “key hole” and attempts to push one of the buttons and the door opens.

Once the door opens there is a small room, all in metal. Isabelle and Nasmera discover that the room is really an “elevator”. We all climb aboard and push the buttons to go down the shaft. After 10 seconds of fast, efficient travel, the elevator opens. There is a candle lit trail off to the left. There is “junk” piled all around. The other paths around the area are all dark, and the feel of the room is that it is huge. Isabelle lights herself on fire to gain better light. Ganner goes to the edge of the junk and looks at it – which is not worth anything.

We decide to go down the path that is lit by candles. We travel for about 305 meters before we hit a wall. There is a little tunnel off to the side. The wall is so tall that we are unable to see the top. We enter the tunnel and go down the hallway a bit. Nasmera hears chanting, in a human voice with at least one other voice. The language is not recognizable. We decide to continue moving forward another 105 meters or so – we look around and some of the side passages – but they are unused. As we move closer to the chanting, there appears to be a grey sludge that gets heavier and heavier as we get to a larger room.

Nectus creeps forward and peaks into the room.

[some notes were lost due to a failure to save :) ]

combat completed, slimy white bellied fish couple are toast
translucent thing shrinks and dies… something being summoned from another plane

we search the beheaded bodies, no amulet. bodies were stripped naked prior to sacrifice.

Stopped gaming there for the evening.

And in the morning...

And in the morning…

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
D-Bay: (Not Present)
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
Ken: (Not Present)
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
Kelly: (Not Present)
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

We start to clean up the area. We send Slag and Phish back to the boat with the rest of the gear, while the rest of us take the bodies and place them on the roof where Hannah and one of the other are already on. We place the bodies safely on the roof. Approaching the fence, Nectus attempts to pick the lock, while the rest of the folks try to climb the fence. Korvin gets angry by not being able to climb, so takes a rock from the ground and smashes the lock off. We look into the main area, which is covered by vegetation about 5 feet tall. Ganner drops a bolt but there is no reaction. Ganner climbs down carefully. This is the first time we have seen any vegetation for any weeks. Korvin wanders over to a pretty flower, trips and gets the flower lodged into his nose. He suffers excruciating pain and barely holds himself together.

Ganner walks over to the group, taking care not to stand on any vegetation. Nasmera identifies the plants as using skin contact to transfer poison type effects. She is able to lead Ganner through a section of the plants to about the mid-point before a large spinning sound erupts with a bright green light striking everyone in the party. Korvin and Nasmera are the only ones that escape – the rest of the party passes out. Ganner, when he passes out, slides into the middle of the plants. Korvin and Nasmera slowly work their way to Ganner and attempt to get him back to the group. Within about a minute, everyone slowly wakes up. As a group we slowly get back to the main section. We begin to start cutting our way forward. We gain another 9 feet before the explosive light starts again. This time, only Nectus and Ganner pass out again. Nasmera gains insight into what the green light is based on and becomes immune to it. Within 5 feet of the door, the light comes again. Nectus smiles as he becomes immune to the light as well. We finally attain the door and are able to evaluate the door. We notice a lever to the side of the door. Ganner reaches in and pulls the lever downward and the plants separate and open up a natural path to the tower. Nectus is able to pick the lock for the door.

As we open the door, we notice that the room is full of boxes and storage. There are many clothes and uniforms (general tools and supplies). The party all take cloaks and place them next to the doors. There are stairs to the side. Korvin slowly climbs the stairs and when he attains the last step, the lights slowly come up and we notice a revolving “window” that slowly cycles around the room. We find remnants of a powder that heals (1d6 +2 Speed) – Level 5; Injector – resists poison or disease for 24 – Level 3; Level 5 liquid that puts the individual to sleep for an hour. In addition, there are enough raw materials costing 100 shins. Ganner takes the fine powder. Isabelle found an oddity of a metal disk that creates a small noise in the ear of the holder.

Upon closer examination of the moving “window”, Ganner wants Isabelle and Nasmera to hold it at just the “right” angle. Nasmera can tell that from an angle, the wall increases in depth. We have many theories on what the depth is, but we decide to pass it by at the moment.

On the second floor, we begin to search through the area. Korvin and Ganner search through the room and notice a hidden panel under one of the desks. In the panel, there is a leather-bound book, which turns out to be Priest Hale’s journal. Reading through the document we are able to get a better understanding of the artifact, of which “Zarmun” happens to carry on his person at all times, hanging around his neck. The other mentioned name within the journal is “Brogan”. We find that there is a slight depression on the second level that may be opened. We find a set of stairs downward. Isabelle lights herself within her palm so that she has some light. Isabelle leads the way with the rest following, while Nectus waits at the door to make sure that it does not close. Moving down the stairs, we pass the bottom of the first floor and goes even further below the ground. A single voice comes out and asks a single word. We do not recognize the language. Within the next couple of minutes, the voice says another word, also waiting. A third word, followed by a complete sentence is then spoken. The group, minus Nectus and Nasmera move downwards. Nectus is still at the top of the stairs, while Nasmera remains mid-way down the stairs. Isabelle pokes her head down and yelps when a whip comes through the doorway and grabs Isabelle and pulls her into the room.

Ganner and Korvin leap into the room and noticing a Masti-gophore, immediately attack. Korvin and Isabelle are attacked again, as the attacks come raining down. Nectus runs down the stairs, entering the room and attacks, but misses. Isabelle moves into range, but misses. Ganner yells to Korvin – plan “B” and they automatically link their attacks. Ganner attacks and hits, but to no avail. The Masti turns and attacks Nectus and damages him. Nectus lunges with his spear, but is not able to hit it. Isabelle runs at the Masti and tackles him to the ground. Nasmera activates a Magnetic Shield cypher and essentially stops combat. Isabelle is able to decapitate the Masti, which then explodes and tears the room apart. Nasmera then notices another Masti coming down the hallway, so she lights a torch and goes down the hallway – slowly pushing the Masti further down the hallway.

After 6 minutes of walking down the hallway, Nasmera reaches the opposite stairway, removes the device and slowly walks back toward the others. Isabelle, waits for the field to drop and then runs along the walls to get behind the Masti. Ganner starts to fire his crossbow and hits Isabelle instead. The Masti hits Isabelle in retaliation. Korvin hits the Masti and damages it, while Isabelle tackles it to the ground. Nasmera focuses her thoughts, but only gets a headache. With a roar, the Masti throws Isabelle off. With a flick of her hair, she tackles it again and brings it down. Korvin strikes it in the head, while Nasmera makes its eyes bleed. Ganner fires another crossbow bolt, and strikes Isabelle again. Korvin strikes again at the Masti and kills it. It explodes and rocks the hallway.

Searching the bodies of the Masti, we each find 8 shins and two cyphers:
- Disrupting nodule – level 1 – weapon mode perhaps (28 hour) Ganner
- Reality Spike – level 5 – railroad spike looking object (1d6 +4) Nasmera

Ganner finds 30 shin and one cypher:
- Stim – level 4 – (pill) reduces next action by three (3) cyphers. – Ganner

Once we have cleaned up, healed and searched the area – we head back to the far stairs and climb them. At the top of the stairs, there is a lever and we activate it. It leads out to a ravine on the North of the town. It is still almost a mile out of town. We decide to head back to town. The boys decide to run ahead, while Isabelle and Nasmera walk back toward the town. They take some time talking about the family.

When we arrive at the town, we notice that the town is starting to burn based upon the Ratmen and their approach. They are burning the town step by step. We make it to the tower, activate the defenses. We secure rations for two days each, grab our cloaks, and slowly close the doors behind us. We see that the Ratmen have finally noticed the tower and are moving toward it. We take our packs, head down the long tunnel and to the stairway. Korvin takes his mace and collapses the tunnel behind us. As we leave the area and start following the tracks to the North – we use subterfuge to mask our tracks and merge them to our previous tracks circling back to town. We travel to the North for about three hours, approximately 10-12 miles before we make camp.

We rest as we can, though we cannot sleep well. Nasmera spends some time to heal both Ganner and Korvin. She then takes some time to clean out her pack, repack it, and clean her gear the best she can.

After an hour, we are all exhausted, except Nectus who had an excellent night of sleeping. We secure all of our gear and pack up for the movement to the North.

After a day and a half of travel, Korvin and Isabelle see some shining lights in the distance, which may or may not be there. We continue to follow the tracks. After a few more hours we come across a line in the sand where everything turns to gray. We stop before we move into the “shades of grey” and examine it more. Nasmera throws a plant over the line to check the many different aspects that may relate to this sphere. We continue walking along the path, following the tracks, and heading toward the shining object. It is noted that there are several tracks, some older than others.

As the day wanes, we are able to more closely focus on the shining object. It is a large, metallic structure – approximately 40 feet tall. As we move within 300 meters of the structure, we notice that there are humanoid figures at the base of the tower. We go to cover. As we pause under the tower – we reflect upon our journey and earn 2 points of experience.


As we head to bed – we are caught in a flash from the past…

Gavin, a swift glaive who carries a quiver – David L

In jail, we look around and notice a slightly pudgy, robe-wearing, vegetarian (Andris). He wants to hire us from jail to help him. He would like to have us escort Milady Carmen, north to her suitor’s property with her dowery to protect her from her many suitors. He offers us the job. We all except and Andris works with the local magistrate and has us released. We head upstairs and meet Andris in the street.

We quickly discuss payment with Andris. He agrees to a 3 shin per day each payment, and on completion will be paid 20 shins per person. The trip is scheduled to take a total of five (5) days.

That completed, we follow him to a nice estate in the north of the city. He offers us guest quarters for our stay over the night, and mentions that Milady Carmen will be ready to travel in the morning. We question the lady’s safety over the night, but are assured that she will be fine here on her own estates.

Milady Carmen does make an appearance. She wishes us well and then turns in for the night.

In the morning, we awaken and start to get ready for travel. Milady has a palanquin with her litter and food. Her beasts of burden are able to move the palanquin quite easily. The day travels quite well with no major issues. Milady invites Nasmera to join her in the palanquin to discuss the nobility and other normal girl talk. Toward the evening, camp is made and watches are made. The animals are watered and hobbled appropriately. Nasmera finds roots and veg in the open spaces and works to create a nice soup with rice.

The night goes quietly, though Nectus swears that we are being watched. Regardless, the night goes smoothly and we break our fast with tubers and eggs and bacon. We bring the Aneen back and yoke them to the palanquin for travel.

The next day we continue our journey. We stop mid-day to water the aneen and to ensure our straps and gear are loaded correctly. As we unhitch the animals and approach the water, we are set upon by bandits – leading the way with arrows and yelling. One arrow goes through the palanquin and hits Nasmera in the shoulder. Four bandits sweep in from the sides. Slag swings and misses. Isabelle turns to flame and leaps at one of them. She misses her lunge. Nectus pierces one of the guards with an arrow critically, but does not drop him. Korbin lances out at one of the pirates, but to no avail. Nasmera pulls Milady around to the side to protect her. Andris runs toward the forest, screaming, “I have the money…follow me…”.

Slag approaches one of the pirates from behind and beheads him. Phish turns and lunges and attempts to yulk the pirate with the aneen, without result. Isabelle is able to strike one of the pirates with her forearm blade. Nasmera peers out of the palanquin and uses onslaught against the pirate with the aneen.

The pirates try to cover the retreating leader with the aneen. Slag skewered the pirate on the side and made him into pincushion, spitting on his corpse. Phish threw a spear and clipped the fleeing pirate in the knee, slowing him down, but not out. Korbin runs up to the aneen, while Nectus runs toward the other pirate, tripping on the high grass. Nasmera onslaughts the other pirate, giving him an “ice cream” brain freeze headache.

The pirate in response, pulls a small crystal and throws it at the ground in between the group. The crystal explodes and all water, including that inside the body, is moved out of the sphere. The group inside the globe see nothing but blue and then are extremely dehydrated. Isabelle becomes impaired due to the fight and seems to stumble.

Slag rushes after the pirate dragging the aneen. Phish attacks the other pirate and sweeps the pirates leg and incurs a large damage against him. We were able to finally kill the other pirate, though one of them got away.

Slag starts to loot through the bodies and ask questions about the pirates. The loot is 19 shins, three (3) long swords, and a syringe cypher. Isabelle is working to remove the cypher gem on the armor of one of the pirates, but it is fading. The cypher is spent, but still retains some intrinsic value of about 2 shins. We search the area, heal any of our wounds, and get the aneen up and running. The rest of the day is nice and smooth. The night is similar to the last night – Nectus still feels like someone is watching us.

The next day is nice and quiet. The night of the third (3rd) day, we settle into the camp and set up our watches as usual. The night is broken by screaming during the fourth watch. Slag holds position and prepares for thrusts. Isabelle bursts into flame, while trying to intimidate them. Phish mumbles under his breath and creates an illusion of a “hole” in the earth right in front of him.

The pirates all throw spears at the group. Andris is able to dodge, but Nectus gets hit by a spear. Korbin has two spears thrown at him. He is able to dodge one, and the other he grabs out of the air and launches back at the pirate. He does not hit him, but the other pirate is impressed. Two spears head to Slag. He dodges one and the other sticks him in the side. A spear heads toward Isabelle, but she incinerates it with a laugh.

Slag runs forward and sticks the pirate with a blade. Korbin strikes at one the of the pirates but does no damage. Isabelle slices her forearm blade against one of the pirates, causing his armor to fall apart. Nasmera follows through and onslaughts the same pirate. Gavin moves back and strikes one of the pirates with an arrow.

The pirates move forward and engage in hand-to-hand. One of the pirates leans in and opens the curtains for the palanquin, he grapples with Nasmera, while one of his comrades shoots Milady with a cypher, where she crumples to the ground.

Phish runs forward and helps Aidas, striking the pirate in the legs. Korbin moves forward and skewers another pirate. Nectus moves forward and strikes the same pirate that Korbin attacked. Gavin shoots another arrow at the pirate but hits the palanquin. Nasmera tries to kick the pirate that is holding on to her, but as she is able to kick him – it does not do enough to dislodge him.

The Pirates move toward the palanquin to surround it to make sure they have all access routes covered. One pirate attacks Isabelle with a sword. He strikes her, but her halo of flame also burns the pirate. The other pirates attack Korbin, but he is able to escape. Nectus is attacked by a pirate and also takes damage from a blade.

Phish attempts to slide around one of the pirates and does so, but is not able to complete the attack. Slag thrusts through one of the pirates, lifts him off the ground and kills him. Nectus runs from combat back to where Gavin is standing. Nasmera enhances her effort and onslaughts the pirate holding her and with a scream of anger, makes his eyes bleed and pass out from the pain. Gavin shoots again, but misses, hitting the far trees in the background.

Slag runs forward around the front but is unable to attack anyone. Nectus sees the fleeing pirate currently carrying Milady. He fires at the pirates legs, but misses. Gavin fires at the same pirate, but misses as well. Nasmera runs around the side of the palanquin and attempts to onslaught the fleeing pirate, but is unable to see clearly.

The pirates continue to flee, while one of the remaining pirates attacks Slag. Slag returns the attack, but misses. Korbin runs after Milady and attempts to tackle the pirate, but is not successful. Isabelle runs around and does a double front flip to get through the pile of bodies, and continues to run toward the group. Gavin runs forward and knocks the pirate to the ground. Nasmera stops, leans into the palanquin and fries the brain of the pirate still there.

The pirates move forward on the group of bodies. One of them overruns Isabelle and stumbles to the ground, quickly gaining his footing. Nectus and Isabelle, both take a second to try to get some health back. Gavin shoots an arrow into the back of one of the fleeing pirate. Korbin brings Milady back to the palanquin and to Nasmera. Nasmera takes a quick second to look her over and then attempts to heal Korbin, but because of dehydration is not successful.

The pirates bolt in all different directions. One of the pirates runs to the forest, Isabelle attempts to tackle him to the ground… GM INTRUSION_ – Isabelle stumbles and the pirate gets away. Gavin is able to take out the last pirate. Nasmera brings all of the group together that is wounded and works to help heal all wounds. Loot from the battle does find – a pill cypher, no shins, two long swords are recovered. There is no other loot.

Andris still claims he is poisoned and not feeling well. Milady has him ride within the palanquin, while Nasmera walks beside the animals. As we continue down the road, we start to talk amongst ourselves and realize that Aidris is not a good person. Nasmera checks on Milady and notices that Andris is trying to kill Milady. Nasmera fries his brain with onslaught and Korbin captures him and locks him up.

The next two days go quickly and we finally arrive at the estate of her fiancé. He welcomes us with open arms and takes care of all of the little details.

According to the contract, each player received 35 shins for the trip and two cyphers listed below:
A little vial (Sheen) – Armor for a week – +1 (level 3)
X-ray Viewer (Level 7)

A sum up of the items/loot received during this adventure is listed below:

Contract = 35 Shins per person
Loot = 19 Shins
Weapons = Five (5) Long Swords –
Armor = None
Cyphers =

  • Sheen Level 3 – A little vial for Armor +1 for 1 week
  • X-ray Viewer – Level 7 – An iPad looking object for 2’ of Material
  • Pill – Unknown
  • Syringe – Unknown

Everyone gains 2 experience to include Ganner.

Contact for the Future due to GM INTRUSION – Isabelle’s Contact TBD later

And On the Water...and to the Tower

And on the water… the next morning, the sun rises softly on the horizon. Our members:

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
D-Bay: (Not Present)
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

We awaken in the morning and gather on the deck to discuss last night’s activities. We discuss the items and loot. It is decided to put the majority of the armor and weapons down in the hold. The discussion then leads to the rejuvenator cypher and mono-blade. Korvin puts one of his cyphers in the hold (Ray Emitter – Level 3) and takes the rejuvenator. The mono-blade is given to Nasmera by the group.

After we weigh anchor, Gavin and Nasmera talk with Captain Deymish about the note. He does not know “GRAINAL”, nor does he know why we would be attacked. We discuss it further, but without any other developments.

As the day progresses, rain and weather darken the skies. A couple of hours after sun set, we see the town of Redstone. As we move in to the docks, we notice that there are no other vessels harbored. There are six or seven piers, but the town seems quiet. There is no one waiting to assist tying up the ship. We lash up the vessel. We know there is a tavern, but the Captain still needs to off-load the cargo. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle head to the Harbor Master’s office. As they head down the gangway, Gavin uses his “Bell” to draw attention.

Isabelle walks to the Harbor Master’s House and knocks on the door. A slight moan is heard, but no movement. Slag knocks on the door again – but to no avail. The group looks around the house and examines the area. Phish and Isabelle move back to the front and enter the building. Slag is waiting in the back by the back door. Isabelle lights a ball of flame in her palm and causes the entire room to brighten. Looking around, they find a man sitting in a chair, rocking and moaning. Phish moves toward the man and touches his shoulder. The man freaks out and slashes out at Phish, drawing a line of blood and 1 point of damage.

Slag moves in through the back door and engages the individual, but trips on the table. Phish tries to threaten him with his blade, but the man does not seem to understand. He swings at Isabelle. Slag finally grabs him and detains him. They question him about what is going on around town. He talks about the nightmares he is having for the past three weeks, and admits that he has not slept for four days. The Harbor Master’s name is Glaiven. Slag offers to allow him to sleep on the ship, but he does not want to.

Back on the ship, Nasmera and Korvin notice that a couple of people coming down the right side of the boat. They come within 50 feet of the vessel and after watching the ship for a few minutes, they head back toward the tower. Within a few minutes, the group that went to Glaiven’s house return and we discuss our options. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle head back into town to talk with folks that are still standing around their houses.

Slag, Phish, and Isabelle, talk with one of the ladies standing by the house. Slag talks with her about the town and the evident lack of sleep by everyone here. Most of the nightmares seem to be the same, regardless of the townsfolk or where they are sleeping. The lady does remember Priest Hale, but has not seen him in a while. She says that the priests are trying to help the town out – but to no avail. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle return to the vessel to discuss their findings. Slag would like to head up to the tower. We all look at him. We decide to double up on the watches – 1st – Phish and Nectus – and 3rd – Ganner and Korvin take the first half of the night, where 2nd – Nasmera, Isabelle, and Sephy – and 4th – Slag and Tanner take the last half of the night. Isabelle, Nasmera, and Slag all had nightmares and did not get much sleep, with a negative level of intellect tasks.

In the morning, the sun peaks over the hills. The Harbor Master shows up with two hands to help unload the ship. We take most of the morning to unload the ship. Sephy and Tanner stay on the ship with the Captain. The rest of us go with the wagon and gear to head up to the Tower for the Order of Truth. We see a market on the left as we head up toward the tower. We head up the hill toward the gate of the tower, where there are some people standing outside of the gate. There are three men and a woman at the gate and they do not perceive to be tired, but it is obvious that they are there to guard the tower.

Ganner steps forward and approaches the woman with the other guards. Discussion ensues, but we are turned away from the tower. The priests are not receiving any deliveries and the guards are not happy with the situation. We ask the last time they had spoken with the priests was over two days in the past. We discuss our situation with the Harbor Master, and are able to store the supplies and gear in the warehouse.

We head toward the tavern for some food and light conversation. The tavern has 5 other people taking a break. Slag talks with some of the folks. The guards are Hannah and Dalius were hired by the priests to guard the tower. They have been there for quite a while, before the nightmares started. We spend most of the day in the tavern, having lunch and talking with folks. Nectus heads out to watch the tower from the shadows, while the rest of the group heads to the market, except Nasmera, who feels a bit left out – heads back to the boat.

The rest of the group buys odds and ends and then heads back to the boat.

While the rest of the crew is at the market or skulking in the shadows, Nasmera and Sephy talk about fashion and herbology.

Slag returns to the boat and attempts to take a nap, but still cannot get any shuteye. Ganner, picks up an item in a barrel and loses his other cyphers. The item is identified by Nasmera as a Level 6 Hunter/Seeker Missile. Conversation ensues about how to get into the Tower. The plan is send Slag, Phish, and Isabelle to focus on the two guards as they conduct their perimeter rounds. Ganner, Korvin, Nectus, and Nasmera will approach the main gate and deal with the other two guards. We all put our hands together and yell “Go Team”!

As night falls, the two teams separate and head to their respective areas. The first group moves to the distraction point. Just as Phish is about to place the illusion, Slag notices that the guards are being shadowed by two of the dayshift guards. Slag, Isabelle, and Phish fade back into the shadows. Slag motions to the others to follow the shadow guards and keep them in sight.

The second group, directed toward the front gate, notice the two guards leaving and begin their attack. Ganner uses his Level 3 ray emitter but to no affect. Korvin moves forward and attacks the guard on the left. Ganner follows and attacks the same guard. Hannah, the guard from the morning shift, raises up from a position on the roof and shoots an arrow at Korvin, striking him in the back. Darius uses a cypher and magnetically pushes both Ganner and Korvin back about 10 feet. Darius’s other guard moves forward and attacks Nectus, but with no affect.

Korvin attacks the axman and kills him with a single blow. Hannah attacks Korvin, but misses. Ganner, seeing an opportunity, fires his Hunter/Seeker at Hannah and hits her with a poisoned dart. Hannah crumples to the floor of the roof. Nasmera darts to the side of an alley and ducks down. Darius moves forward and magnetically pushes the rest of the group backward.

The first group, while shadowing the guards, sees the guards split up. Slag moves forward and kills on of the guards. Phish follows Slag and kills the other guard. The other guards move back and engage Phish. Isabelle tackles one of the guards while flaming, when Slag kills him. The other guard sticks Slag in the thigh. Phish attacks the other guard. The guard returns an attack on Phish, but misses.

In the second group, Nectus goes to the building, attempts to climb and slips, breaking his butt. Ganner attempts to shoot at Darius, but misses. Darius attacks Ganner, but misses. Nasmera runs behind the buildings and then climbs up behind Hannah and her guard. Korvin climbs the building and approaches Hannah and her guard. The guard advances on Korvin. Nectus finally makes it up on top of the roof.

The GM intrudes – giving Nectus experience points

Hannah awakens and immediately attacks Nectus. She hits him and knocks him off the building.

Slag, in the first group, finally kills the last guard. The group takes a breather, smokes a fag and talks about movies.

The second group, Ganner attacks Darius, causing some damage and moves back toward the tower. Korvin attacks the guard, but misses. Hannah moves toward Korvin, but misses. Ganner shoots another bolt at Darius, but to no affect. Darius fires at Nectus, hitting him in the chest. Nasmera slides off the roof and moves toward Nectus. Hannah attacks Korvin, and hits him in the chest. Ganner fires another bolt at Darius and kills him.

Nasmera runs up to Nectus and touches him for might health of 2 points.

The first group finally makes an appearance to the front of the tower. Isabelle uses hedge magic to unlock the cypher on Darius’ wrist. Ganner moves toward Darius and searches for any keys or special items.

The GM Intrudes – giving Korvin experience points

Slag is watching the gate and picking his nose. Phish runs up to the building and climbs up. Isabelle joins the roof party, with Nectus right behind her. She scales the roof and fires an arrow at Hannah. Isabelle hits the guard and kills him. Hannah jumps at Nectus, though he dodges. Korvin hits her in the air and finally puts her down.

Once the dust clears the group is able to get the following:

Bows x8
Short Swords x7
Two-Handed Mace x1
Hannah’s cypher – Time Dialation Nodule – Level 4

Upon reflection – we each receive 2 experience points.

And We Begin Our Journey

A long road stretches before us… What will be found along the way, it is yet to be discovered.

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who Wields Two Weapons at Once
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
Kelly: (not present)
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

And so we begin by introducing everyone to each other. Nasmera knows Isabelle, through her sister, Kari. Isabelle, works with fire and performers. Phantom introduced himself, a mercenary hired to be with the group, he knows Ganner. Slag introduced himself, a mutant glaive acting as the tank. Slag knows Styx. Nectus stands up and talks to the group, he is mainly a thief and knows Phantom quite well. Styx then looks at the group and speaks. He knows Slag, but likes to crackle at odd times with lightening. Styx likes Nasmera a lot… Ganner then slides up and with Panache talks about himself. He throws a wink a Isabelle.

Once the introductions are done, the group breaks into small groups. Currently we are in the region of Seshar, in the capital city of Nebalich. Styx receives a message from Priest Marcus, of the Order of Truth. We accept the invitation. Styx, Ganner, Phantom, and Nasmera all enter the office. The rest hang out near the entrance, watching life pass slowly.

Priest Marcus has a problem, and we think your party may be able to assist us. We had an enclave in Redstone, to the Northwest of Nebalich. We lost contact with the Order there around two months ago. The mayor of the town mentioned that another Order of Truth arrived and occupied the tower. Priest Hale was dispatched to find out what happened. According to the national office, this Order was not sanctioned. Priest Hale was able to infiltrate the new group and began sending reports back to us. His reports stopped about three weeks ago. His reports detailed a new device, that is wanted by the Amber Pope. We need you and your folks to go to Redstone and discover what happened to Priest Hale, and the previous Order of Truth personnel.

At the conclusion of the story – Priest Marcus mentioned that Redstone is having another problem in that the people have been acting quite strange, if not mental. Priest Marcus has a contact with a Ship’s Captain that may be able to transport the group to Redstone. Styx requests monies to continue his training. Bartering between Styx and Priest Marcus begins. The discussion ends with an agreement of 70 shins per person to begin and 60 shins per person upon return. Priest Marcus will contact Captain Deymish about the travel arrangements.

While Priest Marcus leaves his office, Styx scans the room, while Nasmera senses the vibes in the place. Styx notices there are three ciphers in the room, a set of pills (level 3), a set of gloves (level 6), and a belt (level 3) on the wall. Styx studies the belt on the wall. Ganner polishes his shoes, while Nasmera reads a book on botany from the shelf. Priest Marcus returns with a bag with 490 shins for the group. Priest Marcus wishes us his best and informs us that Captain Deymish is located in berthing 52.

The group leaves the temple and heads to the river. Styx distributes the appropriate monies per person before we leave toward the docks. The group finds berthing 52. Ganner calls out to the ship. Captain Deymish comes down the gangplank and greets our party. Styx and Ganner talk with Captain Deymish about travel to Redstone. The trip takes about three days to get to Redstone, and Captain Deymish plans to stay at Redstone for a few days before the return trip. Cargo will arrive tomorrow morning, and the Captain would like to have everything loaded before shoving off. The Captain offers 3 shins per day for fees, though Ganner is able negotiate up to 6 per day. The group will gain 18 shins for the journey. The Captain would like to have us here at the docks by sunlight.

The group breaks up and heads their own way. Styx, Nectus, Ganner, and Nasmera head to the shops, whilst Isabelle and Slag go to the tavern. Phantom is off for a run around the city. The shopping goes well and we are able to get the gear we need. We head to the tavern. Isabelle performs for the group and gains 3 shin for her work. Slag lost 12 shins due to a pick pocket during the evening. We all head to bed and in the morning, we move to the ship. Captain Deymish is present with two other folks, a man (Tanner) and a woman (Sephy). We help load the ship and then head aboard to make our way to Redstone. It appears that neither Tanner nor Sephy know the Captain very well, but were hired to help with the crew. They do not seem to know each other.

As we cast off on toward Redstone, we help get the ship moving. Lines are pulled in, the anchor is retrieved and the sails unfurled. The ship begins to navigate through the canals, on the way. The first day is relatively simple. At night, Captain Deymish pulls the ship to the side of the canal. We decide to pull shifts for night watch. Styx and Sephy take first; Ganner and Isabelle take the second; Slag and Tanner take the third; Phantom and Nasmera take the fourth. The Captain and Nectus get a bye for the shift.

The second day is much as the first. There is just as much boredom, but the day goes without problems. As the night settles for the second time, Styx and Sephy notice folks attempting to board the ship. Styx sends Sephy to wake up the rest of the folks so that we begin the defense. Styx heads starboard and notices 7 humans boarding the side. He quickly attaches his cable across the top of the rail and then ducks down to the side. His cable snaps and flies towards Slag, Styx, Ganner, and Phantom. All are able to duck out of the way without damage. Phantom attacks one of the pirates and takes him out. Ganner steps up to the side and attacks another pirate with flourish, commenting about the paltry size of the “sword”. Another pirate runs up behind him, but he snaps his cape and dodges the attack. Nasmera moves up the stairs and crouches down next to Styx.

Slag attacks the pirate in front of him and skewers him on his great ax. Styx attacks with on-slaught and hits a pirate for 6. Mass melee ensues. After an hour of intensive fighting the pirates are all killed. We loot the bodies and clean up the mess. We find the following:

  • Rejuvenator – Healing Cypher – Level 7 – Random Might/Speed/Intellect
  • Mono-blade – 6" blade that ignores armor – Light Weapon
  • 14 Shins = Loot
  • Maces (5) /Pole-arms (5)/ and a Broadsword (4)
  • Light Armor (12)/ Medium Armor (1)
  • Mysterious Note: “Deymish’s boat will be traveling… should be at locations by day two… take boat, but do not injure Deymish ~ GRAINAL

Upon Reflection – everyone gains two (2) experience points for our journeys.


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