And On the Water...and to the Tower

And on the water… the next morning, the sun rises softly on the horizon. Our members:

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
D-Bay: (Not Present)
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

We awaken in the morning and gather on the deck to discuss last night’s activities. We discuss the items and loot. It is decided to put the majority of the armor and weapons down in the hold. The discussion then leads to the rejuvenator cypher and mono-blade. Korvin puts one of his cyphers in the hold (Ray Emitter – Level 3) and takes the rejuvenator. The mono-blade is given to Nasmera by the group.

After we weigh anchor, Gavin and Nasmera talk with Captain Deymish about the note. He does not know “GRAINAL”, nor does he know why we would be attacked. We discuss it further, but without any other developments.

As the day progresses, rain and weather darken the skies. A couple of hours after sun set, we see the town of Redstone. As we move in to the docks, we notice that there are no other vessels harbored. There are six or seven piers, but the town seems quiet. There is no one waiting to assist tying up the ship. We lash up the vessel. We know there is a tavern, but the Captain still needs to off-load the cargo. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle head to the Harbor Master’s office. As they head down the gangway, Gavin uses his “Bell” to draw attention.

Isabelle walks to the Harbor Master’s House and knocks on the door. A slight moan is heard, but no movement. Slag knocks on the door again – but to no avail. The group looks around the house and examines the area. Phish and Isabelle move back to the front and enter the building. Slag is waiting in the back by the back door. Isabelle lights a ball of flame in her palm and causes the entire room to brighten. Looking around, they find a man sitting in a chair, rocking and moaning. Phish moves toward the man and touches his shoulder. The man freaks out and slashes out at Phish, drawing a line of blood and 1 point of damage.

Slag moves in through the back door and engages the individual, but trips on the table. Phish tries to threaten him with his blade, but the man does not seem to understand. He swings at Isabelle. Slag finally grabs him and detains him. They question him about what is going on around town. He talks about the nightmares he is having for the past three weeks, and admits that he has not slept for four days. The Harbor Master’s name is Glaiven. Slag offers to allow him to sleep on the ship, but he does not want to.

Back on the ship, Nasmera and Korvin notice that a couple of people coming down the right side of the boat. They come within 50 feet of the vessel and after watching the ship for a few minutes, they head back toward the tower. Within a few minutes, the group that went to Glaiven’s house return and we discuss our options. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle head back into town to talk with folks that are still standing around their houses.

Slag, Phish, and Isabelle, talk with one of the ladies standing by the house. Slag talks with her about the town and the evident lack of sleep by everyone here. Most of the nightmares seem to be the same, regardless of the townsfolk or where they are sleeping. The lady does remember Priest Hale, but has not seen him in a while. She says that the priests are trying to help the town out – but to no avail. Slag, Phish, and Isabelle return to the vessel to discuss their findings. Slag would like to head up to the tower. We all look at him. We decide to double up on the watches – 1st – Phish and Nectus – and 3rd – Ganner and Korvin take the first half of the night, where 2nd – Nasmera, Isabelle, and Sephy – and 4th – Slag and Tanner take the last half of the night. Isabelle, Nasmera, and Slag all had nightmares and did not get much sleep, with a negative level of intellect tasks.

In the morning, the sun peaks over the hills. The Harbor Master shows up with two hands to help unload the ship. We take most of the morning to unload the ship. Sephy and Tanner stay on the ship with the Captain. The rest of us go with the wagon and gear to head up to the Tower for the Order of Truth. We see a market on the left as we head up toward the tower. We head up the hill toward the gate of the tower, where there are some people standing outside of the gate. There are three men and a woman at the gate and they do not perceive to be tired, but it is obvious that they are there to guard the tower.

Ganner steps forward and approaches the woman with the other guards. Discussion ensues, but we are turned away from the tower. The priests are not receiving any deliveries and the guards are not happy with the situation. We ask the last time they had spoken with the priests was over two days in the past. We discuss our situation with the Harbor Master, and are able to store the supplies and gear in the warehouse.

We head toward the tavern for some food and light conversation. The tavern has 5 other people taking a break. Slag talks with some of the folks. The guards are Hannah and Dalius were hired by the priests to guard the tower. They have been there for quite a while, before the nightmares started. We spend most of the day in the tavern, having lunch and talking with folks. Nectus heads out to watch the tower from the shadows, while the rest of the group heads to the market, except Nasmera, who feels a bit left out – heads back to the boat.

The rest of the group buys odds and ends and then heads back to the boat.

While the rest of the crew is at the market or skulking in the shadows, Nasmera and Sephy talk about fashion and herbology.

Slag returns to the boat and attempts to take a nap, but still cannot get any shuteye. Ganner, picks up an item in a barrel and loses his other cyphers. The item is identified by Nasmera as a Level 6 Hunter/Seeker Missile. Conversation ensues about how to get into the Tower. The plan is send Slag, Phish, and Isabelle to focus on the two guards as they conduct their perimeter rounds. Ganner, Korvin, Nectus, and Nasmera will approach the main gate and deal with the other two guards. We all put our hands together and yell “Go Team”!

As night falls, the two teams separate and head to their respective areas. The first group moves to the distraction point. Just as Phish is about to place the illusion, Slag notices that the guards are being shadowed by two of the dayshift guards. Slag, Isabelle, and Phish fade back into the shadows. Slag motions to the others to follow the shadow guards and keep them in sight.

The second group, directed toward the front gate, notice the two guards leaving and begin their attack. Ganner uses his Level 3 ray emitter but to no affect. Korvin moves forward and attacks the guard on the left. Ganner follows and attacks the same guard. Hannah, the guard from the morning shift, raises up from a position on the roof and shoots an arrow at Korvin, striking him in the back. Darius uses a cypher and magnetically pushes both Ganner and Korvin back about 10 feet. Darius’s other guard moves forward and attacks Nectus, but with no affect.

Korvin attacks the axman and kills him with a single blow. Hannah attacks Korvin, but misses. Ganner, seeing an opportunity, fires his Hunter/Seeker at Hannah and hits her with a poisoned dart. Hannah crumples to the floor of the roof. Nasmera darts to the side of an alley and ducks down. Darius moves forward and magnetically pushes the rest of the group backward.

The first group, while shadowing the guards, sees the guards split up. Slag moves forward and kills on of the guards. Phish follows Slag and kills the other guard. The other guards move back and engage Phish. Isabelle tackles one of the guards while flaming, when Slag kills him. The other guard sticks Slag in the thigh. Phish attacks the other guard. The guard returns an attack on Phish, but misses.

In the second group, Nectus goes to the building, attempts to climb and slips, breaking his butt. Ganner attempts to shoot at Darius, but misses. Darius attacks Ganner, but misses. Nasmera runs behind the buildings and then climbs up behind Hannah and her guard. Korvin climbs the building and approaches Hannah and her guard. The guard advances on Korvin. Nectus finally makes it up on top of the roof.

The GM intrudes – giving Nectus experience points

Hannah awakens and immediately attacks Nectus. She hits him and knocks him off the building.

Slag, in the first group, finally kills the last guard. The group takes a breather, smokes a fag and talks about movies.

The second group, Ganner attacks Darius, causing some damage and moves back toward the tower. Korvin attacks the guard, but misses. Hannah moves toward Korvin, but misses. Ganner shoots another bolt at Darius, but to no affect. Darius fires at Nectus, hitting him in the chest. Nasmera slides off the roof and moves toward Nectus. Hannah attacks Korvin, and hits him in the chest. Ganner fires another bolt at Darius and kills him.

Nasmera runs up to Nectus and touches him for might health of 2 points.

The first group finally makes an appearance to the front of the tower. Isabelle uses hedge magic to unlock the cypher on Darius’ wrist. Ganner moves toward Darius and searches for any keys or special items.

The GM Intrudes – giving Korvin experience points

Slag is watching the gate and picking his nose. Phish runs up to the building and climbs up. Isabelle joins the roof party, with Nectus right behind her. She scales the roof and fires an arrow at Hannah. Isabelle hits the guard and kills him. Hannah jumps at Nectus, though he dodges. Korvin hits her in the air and finally puts her down.

Once the dust clears the group is able to get the following:

Bows x8
Short Swords x7
Two-Handed Mace x1
Hannah’s cypher – Time Dialation Nodule – Level 4

Upon reflection – we each receive 2 experience points.



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