And We Begin Our Journey

A long road stretches before us… What will be found along the way, it is yet to be discovered.

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who Wields Two Weapons at Once
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
Kelly: (not present)
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

And so we begin by introducing everyone to each other. Nasmera knows Isabelle, through her sister, Kari. Isabelle, works with fire and performers. Phantom introduced himself, a mercenary hired to be with the group, he knows Ganner. Slag introduced himself, a mutant glaive acting as the tank. Slag knows Styx. Nectus stands up and talks to the group, he is mainly a thief and knows Phantom quite well. Styx then looks at the group and speaks. He knows Slag, but likes to crackle at odd times with lightening. Styx likes Nasmera a lot… Ganner then slides up and with Panache talks about himself. He throws a wink a Isabelle.

Once the introductions are done, the group breaks into small groups. Currently we are in the region of Seshar, in the capital city of Nebalich. Styx receives a message from Priest Marcus, of the Order of Truth. We accept the invitation. Styx, Ganner, Phantom, and Nasmera all enter the office. The rest hang out near the entrance, watching life pass slowly.

Priest Marcus has a problem, and we think your party may be able to assist us. We had an enclave in Redstone, to the Northwest of Nebalich. We lost contact with the Order there around two months ago. The mayor of the town mentioned that another Order of Truth arrived and occupied the tower. Priest Hale was dispatched to find out what happened. According to the national office, this Order was not sanctioned. Priest Hale was able to infiltrate the new group and began sending reports back to us. His reports stopped about three weeks ago. His reports detailed a new device, that is wanted by the Amber Pope. We need you and your folks to go to Redstone and discover what happened to Priest Hale, and the previous Order of Truth personnel.

At the conclusion of the story – Priest Marcus mentioned that Redstone is having another problem in that the people have been acting quite strange, if not mental. Priest Marcus has a contact with a Ship’s Captain that may be able to transport the group to Redstone. Styx requests monies to continue his training. Bartering between Styx and Priest Marcus begins. The discussion ends with an agreement of 70 shins per person to begin and 60 shins per person upon return. Priest Marcus will contact Captain Deymish about the travel arrangements.

While Priest Marcus leaves his office, Styx scans the room, while Nasmera senses the vibes in the place. Styx notices there are three ciphers in the room, a set of pills (level 3), a set of gloves (level 6), and a belt (level 3) on the wall. Styx studies the belt on the wall. Ganner polishes his shoes, while Nasmera reads a book on botany from the shelf. Priest Marcus returns with a bag with 490 shins for the group. Priest Marcus wishes us his best and informs us that Captain Deymish is located in berthing 52.

The group leaves the temple and heads to the river. Styx distributes the appropriate monies per person before we leave toward the docks. The group finds berthing 52. Ganner calls out to the ship. Captain Deymish comes down the gangplank and greets our party. Styx and Ganner talk with Captain Deymish about travel to Redstone. The trip takes about three days to get to Redstone, and Captain Deymish plans to stay at Redstone for a few days before the return trip. Cargo will arrive tomorrow morning, and the Captain would like to have everything loaded before shoving off. The Captain offers 3 shins per day for fees, though Ganner is able negotiate up to 6 per day. The group will gain 18 shins for the journey. The Captain would like to have us here at the docks by sunlight.

The group breaks up and heads their own way. Styx, Nectus, Ganner, and Nasmera head to the shops, whilst Isabelle and Slag go to the tavern. Phantom is off for a run around the city. The shopping goes well and we are able to get the gear we need. We head to the tavern. Isabelle performs for the group and gains 3 shin for her work. Slag lost 12 shins due to a pick pocket during the evening. We all head to bed and in the morning, we move to the ship. Captain Deymish is present with two other folks, a man (Tanner) and a woman (Sephy). We help load the ship and then head aboard to make our way to Redstone. It appears that neither Tanner nor Sephy know the Captain very well, but were hired to help with the crew. They do not seem to know each other.

As we cast off on toward Redstone, we help get the ship moving. Lines are pulled in, the anchor is retrieved and the sails unfurled. The ship begins to navigate through the canals, on the way. The first day is relatively simple. At night, Captain Deymish pulls the ship to the side of the canal. We decide to pull shifts for night watch. Styx and Sephy take first; Ganner and Isabelle take the second; Slag and Tanner take the third; Phantom and Nasmera take the fourth. The Captain and Nectus get a bye for the shift.

The second day is much as the first. There is just as much boredom, but the day goes without problems. As the night settles for the second time, Styx and Sephy notice folks attempting to board the ship. Styx sends Sephy to wake up the rest of the folks so that we begin the defense. Styx heads starboard and notices 7 humans boarding the side. He quickly attaches his cable across the top of the rail and then ducks down to the side. His cable snaps and flies towards Slag, Styx, Ganner, and Phantom. All are able to duck out of the way without damage. Phantom attacks one of the pirates and takes him out. Ganner steps up to the side and attacks another pirate with flourish, commenting about the paltry size of the “sword”. Another pirate runs up behind him, but he snaps his cape and dodges the attack. Nasmera moves up the stairs and crouches down next to Styx.

Slag attacks the pirate in front of him and skewers him on his great ax. Styx attacks with on-slaught and hits a pirate for 6. Mass melee ensues. After an hour of intensive fighting the pirates are all killed. We loot the bodies and clean up the mess. We find the following:

  • Rejuvenator – Healing Cypher – Level 7 – Random Might/Speed/Intellect
  • Mono-blade – 6" blade that ignores armor – Light Weapon
  • 14 Shins = Loot
  • Maces (5) /Pole-arms (5)/ and a Broadsword (4)
  • Light Armor (12)/ Medium Armor (1)
  • Mysterious Note: “Deymish’s boat will be traveling… should be at locations by day two… take boat, but do not injure Deymish ~ GRAINAL

Upon Reflection – everyone gains two (2) experience points for our journeys.



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