As we head to bed – we are caught in a flash from the past…

Gavin, a swift glaive who carries a quiver – David L

In jail, we look around and notice a slightly pudgy, robe-wearing, vegetarian (Andris). He wants to hire us from jail to help him. He would like to have us escort Milady Carmen, north to her suitor’s property with her dowery to protect her from her many suitors. He offers us the job. We all except and Andris works with the local magistrate and has us released. We head upstairs and meet Andris in the street.

We quickly discuss payment with Andris. He agrees to a 3 shin per day each payment, and on completion will be paid 20 shins per person. The trip is scheduled to take a total of five (5) days.

That completed, we follow him to a nice estate in the north of the city. He offers us guest quarters for our stay over the night, and mentions that Milady Carmen will be ready to travel in the morning. We question the lady’s safety over the night, but are assured that she will be fine here on her own estates.

Milady Carmen does make an appearance. She wishes us well and then turns in for the night.

In the morning, we awaken and start to get ready for travel. Milady has a palanquin with her litter and food. Her beasts of burden are able to move the palanquin quite easily. The day travels quite well with no major issues. Milady invites Nasmera to join her in the palanquin to discuss the nobility and other normal girl talk. Toward the evening, camp is made and watches are made. The animals are watered and hobbled appropriately. Nasmera finds roots and veg in the open spaces and works to create a nice soup with rice.

The night goes quietly, though Nectus swears that we are being watched. Regardless, the night goes smoothly and we break our fast with tubers and eggs and bacon. We bring the Aneen back and yoke them to the palanquin for travel.

The next day we continue our journey. We stop mid-day to water the aneen and to ensure our straps and gear are loaded correctly. As we unhitch the animals and approach the water, we are set upon by bandits – leading the way with arrows and yelling. One arrow goes through the palanquin and hits Nasmera in the shoulder. Four bandits sweep in from the sides. Slag swings and misses. Isabelle turns to flame and leaps at one of them. She misses her lunge. Nectus pierces one of the guards with an arrow critically, but does not drop him. Korbin lances out at one of the pirates, but to no avail. Nasmera pulls Milady around to the side to protect her. Andris runs toward the forest, screaming, “I have the money…follow me…”.

Slag approaches one of the pirates from behind and beheads him. Phish turns and lunges and attempts to yulk the pirate with the aneen, without result. Isabelle is able to strike one of the pirates with her forearm blade. Nasmera peers out of the palanquin and uses onslaught against the pirate with the aneen.

The pirates try to cover the retreating leader with the aneen. Slag skewered the pirate on the side and made him into pincushion, spitting on his corpse. Phish threw a spear and clipped the fleeing pirate in the knee, slowing him down, but not out. Korbin runs up to the aneen, while Nectus runs toward the other pirate, tripping on the high grass. Nasmera onslaughts the other pirate, giving him an “ice cream” brain freeze headache.

The pirate in response, pulls a small crystal and throws it at the ground in between the group. The crystal explodes and all water, including that inside the body, is moved out of the sphere. The group inside the globe see nothing but blue and then are extremely dehydrated. Isabelle becomes impaired due to the fight and seems to stumble.

Slag rushes after the pirate dragging the aneen. Phish attacks the other pirate and sweeps the pirates leg and incurs a large damage against him. We were able to finally kill the other pirate, though one of them got away.

Slag starts to loot through the bodies and ask questions about the pirates. The loot is 19 shins, three (3) long swords, and a syringe cypher. Isabelle is working to remove the cypher gem on the armor of one of the pirates, but it is fading. The cypher is spent, but still retains some intrinsic value of about 2 shins. We search the area, heal any of our wounds, and get the aneen up and running. The rest of the day is nice and smooth. The night is similar to the last night – Nectus still feels like someone is watching us.

The next day is nice and quiet. The night of the third (3rd) day, we settle into the camp and set up our watches as usual. The night is broken by screaming during the fourth watch. Slag holds position and prepares for thrusts. Isabelle bursts into flame, while trying to intimidate them. Phish mumbles under his breath and creates an illusion of a “hole” in the earth right in front of him.

The pirates all throw spears at the group. Andris is able to dodge, but Nectus gets hit by a spear. Korbin has two spears thrown at him. He is able to dodge one, and the other he grabs out of the air and launches back at the pirate. He does not hit him, but the other pirate is impressed. Two spears head to Slag. He dodges one and the other sticks him in the side. A spear heads toward Isabelle, but she incinerates it with a laugh.

Slag runs forward and sticks the pirate with a blade. Korbin strikes at one the of the pirates but does no damage. Isabelle slices her forearm blade against one of the pirates, causing his armor to fall apart. Nasmera follows through and onslaughts the same pirate. Gavin moves back and strikes one of the pirates with an arrow.

The pirates move forward and engage in hand-to-hand. One of the pirates leans in and opens the curtains for the palanquin, he grapples with Nasmera, while one of his comrades shoots Milady with a cypher, where she crumples to the ground.

Phish runs forward and helps Aidas, striking the pirate in the legs. Korbin moves forward and skewers another pirate. Nectus moves forward and strikes the same pirate that Korbin attacked. Gavin shoots another arrow at the pirate but hits the palanquin. Nasmera tries to kick the pirate that is holding on to her, but as she is able to kick him – it does not do enough to dislodge him.

The Pirates move toward the palanquin to surround it to make sure they have all access routes covered. One pirate attacks Isabelle with a sword. He strikes her, but her halo of flame also burns the pirate. The other pirates attack Korbin, but he is able to escape. Nectus is attacked by a pirate and also takes damage from a blade.

Phish attempts to slide around one of the pirates and does so, but is not able to complete the attack. Slag thrusts through one of the pirates, lifts him off the ground and kills him. Nectus runs from combat back to where Gavin is standing. Nasmera enhances her effort and onslaughts the pirate holding her and with a scream of anger, makes his eyes bleed and pass out from the pain. Gavin shoots again, but misses, hitting the far trees in the background.

Slag runs forward around the front but is unable to attack anyone. Nectus sees the fleeing pirate currently carrying Milady. He fires at the pirates legs, but misses. Gavin fires at the same pirate, but misses as well. Nasmera runs around the side of the palanquin and attempts to onslaught the fleeing pirate, but is unable to see clearly.

The pirates continue to flee, while one of the remaining pirates attacks Slag. Slag returns the attack, but misses. Korbin runs after Milady and attempts to tackle the pirate, but is not successful. Isabelle runs around and does a double front flip to get through the pile of bodies, and continues to run toward the group. Gavin runs forward and knocks the pirate to the ground. Nasmera stops, leans into the palanquin and fries the brain of the pirate still there.

The pirates move forward on the group of bodies. One of them overruns Isabelle and stumbles to the ground, quickly gaining his footing. Nectus and Isabelle, both take a second to try to get some health back. Gavin shoots an arrow into the back of one of the fleeing pirate. Korbin brings Milady back to the palanquin and to Nasmera. Nasmera takes a quick second to look her over and then attempts to heal Korbin, but because of dehydration is not successful.

The pirates bolt in all different directions. One of the pirates runs to the forest, Isabelle attempts to tackle him to the ground… GM INTRUSION_ – Isabelle stumbles and the pirate gets away. Gavin is able to take out the last pirate. Nasmera brings all of the group together that is wounded and works to help heal all wounds. Loot from the battle does find – a pill cypher, no shins, two long swords are recovered. There is no other loot.

Andris still claims he is poisoned and not feeling well. Milady has him ride within the palanquin, while Nasmera walks beside the animals. As we continue down the road, we start to talk amongst ourselves and realize that Aidris is not a good person. Nasmera checks on Milady and notices that Andris is trying to kill Milady. Nasmera fries his brain with onslaught and Korbin captures him and locks him up.

The next two days go quickly and we finally arrive at the estate of her fiancé. He welcomes us with open arms and takes care of all of the little details.

According to the contract, each player received 35 shins for the trip and two cyphers listed below:
A little vial (Sheen) – Armor for a week – +1 (level 3)
X-ray Viewer (Level 7)

A sum up of the items/loot received during this adventure is listed below:

Contract = 35 Shins per person
Loot = 19 Shins
Weapons = Five (5) Long Swords –
Armor = None
Cyphers =

  • Sheen Level 3 – A little vial for Armor +1 for 1 week
  • X-ray Viewer – Level 7 – An iPad looking object for 2’ of Material
  • Pill – Unknown
  • Syringe – Unknown

Everyone gains 2 experience to include Ganner.

Contact for the Future due to GM INTRUSION – Isabelle’s Contact TBD later



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