The 50 Shades of Grey

And so we look toward the shiny object.
- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

Slag and Styx go around the monument to the left to see if there is anything else on the other side. Once they get to the other side, they signal that the area is clear. The group moves around to the left, while Nasmera trips and falls flat on her face. The group makes it to the back without anyone noticing. As a group, we move forward toward the area of green. We get close to the edge – Styx tries to scan the area, but fails. Nasmera looks at the plants and is able to tell that the vegetation is native. There is a hardened air shield between the green area and the faded area. Ganner is able to figure out how to get into the area, by moving slowly. Isabelle and Nasmera go around and ask for water. As Isabelle and Nasmera get closer, one of the guards lifts a cipher and says, “Don’t come any closer”. Isabelle responds that she needs water, but the guards tell her to pound sand. The rest of the group comes around the corner and surprise them. The group gets a free move – Slag runs forward and when he comes close, he passes out – along with one of the guards. The rest of the group moves into different positions around the guard.

The guard lifts his cipher again and fires a green neural beam at Ganner. Phish moves over to Styx to help cover him. Ganner fires back at the guard with a grunt, but misses. Nectus fires at the guard, but misses. Isabelle moves forward and slashes the guard, hits, but does no damage. Korvin runs forward and attempts to tackle the guard. The guard dodges, and fires at Korvin, but misses.

Nasmera runs to Slag and slides to him. She checks him out medically, but he seems to be only knocked out. She ducks down and uses his body as a shield. Styx, concentrates and tries to melt his mind, but is not successful.

Ganner fires again and misses again. Nectus fires but misses again. Isabelle bursts into flame and tries to grapple the guard. Phish fires and strikes him in the chest. Isabelle successfully grapples him and sets him on fire. The guard breaks free but then gets grappled again by Korvin. Korvin knocks out the guard and then ties up the guard and the one on the ground. The other guard, when his robe is pulled back, looks just like Slag. Styx finds “Arcadia” a level 5 Artifact.

Slag finally wakes up and groggily wakes up. We search the bodies of the guards and find one crossbow with 10 bolts and two small daggers (Isabelle and Styx). There is also a set of chain mail. There is one “key” type metal device with three buttons. Styx and Slag go to the “key hole” and attempts to push one of the buttons and the door opens.

Once the door opens there is a small room, all in metal. Isabelle and Nasmera discover that the room is really an “elevator”. We all climb aboard and push the buttons to go down the shaft. After 10 seconds of fast, efficient travel, the elevator opens. There is a candle lit trail off to the left. There is “junk” piled all around. The other paths around the area are all dark, and the feel of the room is that it is huge. Isabelle lights herself on fire to gain better light. Ganner goes to the edge of the junk and looks at it – which is not worth anything.

We decide to go down the path that is lit by candles. We travel for about 305 meters before we hit a wall. There is a little tunnel off to the side. The wall is so tall that we are unable to see the top. We enter the tunnel and go down the hallway a bit. Nasmera hears chanting, in a human voice with at least one other voice. The language is not recognizable. We decide to continue moving forward another 105 meters or so – we look around and some of the side passages – but they are unused. As we move closer to the chanting, there appears to be a grey sludge that gets heavier and heavier as we get to a larger room.

Nectus creeps forward and peaks into the room.

[some notes were lost due to a failure to save :) ]

combat completed, slimy white bellied fish couple are toast
translucent thing shrinks and dies… something being summoned from another plane

we search the beheaded bodies, no amulet. bodies were stripped naked prior to sacrifice.

Stopped gaming there for the evening.



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