Eric Northam

Driven Jack who Rages



Effort 1
Xp 7 (3 unspent)

Might Pool 16, Edge 2
Speed Pool 10, Edge
Intellect Pool 12, Edge 0

Cypher Limit 2

Intellect Defense (Driven)
Flex Skill (Driven)

Might Skills


Speed Skills

Speed Defense (Trained)

Intellect Skills

Intellect Defense (Trained)
Persuasion (Trained)

Jack-specific Abilities

Flex skill (Trained): choose at beginning of each day

Tier 1 Tricks of the Trade

Skill with Defense – Speed
Practiced with Armor


Tier 1: Frenzy (1 Intellect Point) When you wish, while in combat, you can enter a state of frenzy. While in this state, you can’t use Intellect Points, but you gain +1 to your Might and Speed egde. This effect lasts for as long as you wish, but it ends if there is no combat within your sense.

Suggested effects

Suggested minor effects: knock foes together. each one is considered one level lower next turn
Suggested major effects: foe is terrified and uses the next two actions to flee


Bow with quiver 24 arrows
Dagger (light melee)
Axe (medium melee)
Medium leather armor
Explorers pack
Light tool kit

20 shins

Artifacts & Oddities

box w 2 dozen spherical balls


Experience purchase log

2014-06-20 4 points for +1 Might Edge


Eric Northam

Numenera DLash