Ganner Rhysode

A Tough Jack who Wields Two Weapons at Once



Tier 1
Effort 1
Xp 4 (0 unspent)

Might Pool 12, Edge 0
Speed Pool 14, Edge 2
Intellect Pool 10, Edge 0

Cypher Limit 2

Armor 1 (Tough)
Recovery 1d6+2 (Tough)

Might Skills

Might Defense (Trained)

Speed Skills

Speed Defense (Trained)

Intellect Skills

Intellect Defense (Trained)
Initiative and alertness actions (Trained)

Jack-specific Abilities

Flex skill (Trained): choose at beginning of each day

Tier 1 Tricks of the Trade

Skill with Defense – Speed
Skill with Defense – Intellect

Wields Two Weapons at Once

Tier 1: Dual Light Wield – Two attacks with light melee weapons as a single action. Any mods to hit or damage affect both attacks but opponent’s Armor applies to each.

Suggested effects

Suggested minor effects: target is intimidated and flees
Suggested major effects: extra attack


Crossbow and 21 bolts
Twin wakizashi (light melee)
Spear (medium melee or thrown)
Light leather armor (carried, not typically worn)
Explorers pack
Light tool kit

65 shins

Artifacts & Oddities

Bracelet with a tiny bell, but the bell rings BIG


Experience purchase log

2013-12-07 4 points for +1 Speed Edge


Ganner Rhysode

Numenera mruseless