A Graceful Jack who Bears a Halo of Fire


Tier = 1
Effort = 1
Might: Pool = 12, Edge = 0
Speed: Pool = 14, Edge = 1
Intellect: Pool = 12, Edge = 0
Armor: 1

Might -

  • Light Blade
  • Light Ranged

Speed -

  • Free Climbing Trained
  • Balance/Careful movement Trained
  • Physical Preforming Arts (Juggling, Dancing, Hoops, Baton twirling, etc) Trained
  • Speed Defense tasks Trained

Intellect -

  • Streetwise
  • Survival
  • Perception

Special Abilities:

Hedge Magic – Small magic tricks (1 Int Point)
Practiced In Armor – Can wear all types of armor; reduce the might cost per hour and speed pool reduction for wearing armor by 2
Shroud of Flame – A cloak of fire not burning you; all melee attackers take 2 damage; can still be harmed by external sources of fire; +2 armor against external sources of fire (1 Int Point)


Forearm Blade; Damage=2, Mod=0
Buzzer; Damage=2, Mod=0

Cyphers: Limit = 2

Inferno Wall Projector – Level 7 – Creates wall of intense fire 30ft by 30ft by 1ft thick, deals damage to any touching or passing through it equal to cypher’s level
Controlled Blinking Module – Level 8 – After activated lasts 28 hours; when user is struck hard enough to deal damage, they teleport wherever the player wants in immediate distance. Crystal device affixed to armor

Equipment: Shins = 1

Clothing (Fire Dancer costume; Red and Black)
Forearm Blade (Light weapon)
Buzzer (Light Ranged)
Leather Jerkin – Chest Piece
Explorer’s Pack (contains: 50ft rope, 3 day rations, hammer, 3 spikes, warm clothes, sturdy boots, 3 torches, 2 minor glow globes)
Performance tools (colored balls, hoops, scarves, batons, etc)

Artifacts and Oddities
2 5in discs, 1 metal 1 glass, that hover and orbit character’s wrists
Fire Resistance Spray Inanimate objects only


They say her hair is made of fire, constantly moving even in a still wind. Flickering between bright red, smooth orange and silky gold. They say her father was the Fire Dancer, her mother fire itself. Her beauty unparalleled except by fire itself. When the two dance one cannot help but stop and stare, awestruck. Rumor has it she grew up with the Motley Folk, the traveling performers, being trained in the art of Fire by the Fire Dancer. When she moves, one wonders if she actually walks or glides along the ground with feet of flame. When she angers however, if one is wise, they will put some distance between themselves and her. She angers easily when she witnesses injustice, often bursting into flame and incinerating the wrongdoer. When happy she positively glows and is kind and caring. No one knows her true age, perhaps even she does not know. Some say she is 20 others say she is 15, some even say she is almost as old as the fire from which she was born. In her travels with the Motley Folk she often found herself near the Master’s School. Over time she befriended one of the initiates, Kari. As their friendship grew, Kari realized that Isabelle’s fire no longer hurt her. Neither of them knew why, but they accepted it and their friendship grew ever stronger.


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