Graceful glaive who exists partially out of phase


Tier = 1
Effort = 1
Might: Pool = 14, Edge = 1
Speed: Pool = 12, Edge = 1
Intellect: Pool = 10, Edge = 0

Might -

  • Martial Arts
  • Light Blade
  • Light Range
  • Medium Blade
  • Medium Range

Speed -

  • Balance/Careful Movement Skilled
  • Speed Defense Trained
  • Physical Performance Trained

Intellect -

  • Perception
  • Persuasion
  • Escaping
  • Healing
  • Identifying

Special Abilities:

  • Practiced in Armor – Reduced by 2
  • Practiced w/ All Weapons
  • Physical Skills – Balance = Trained
  • Walk Through Walls (2 INT Points)


  • Thrust – Verred/Yulk; DAM = 4; Mod +1
  • No Need for Weapons; DAM = 4; Mod = medium weapon as unarmed

Cyphers: Limit = 2

  • Force Shield – Level 8 – Armor increase by +4
  • Detonation Web – Level 7 – Long Range

Equipment: Shins = 1

  • Clothing
  • Verred (medium weapon)
  • Yulk (medium weapon)
  • Razor Ring (light range weapon)
  • Brigadine Armor – Chest Piece
  • Explorer’s Pack (contains…)
  • Bedroll
  • Matchsticks (10)

Artifacts and Oddities
Blue crystal that glows bright as a candle when held



Kari has inborn skills and does not know her true potential. Her childhood was rough, spending hours upon hours in the Master’s School. It was her entire life until recently. She never knew her parents, and only recently discovered she has a sister. Her sister, Nasmera, sought her out after their mother passed. She did not know she had a sister and one that is so different than her. Nasmera’s life was filled with love, whereas her’s was filled only with discipline and pain. Her sister is soft in comparison. It was a shock to discover her family, but she has taken to Nasmera.

One of her friends is a blacksmith, whom she helps out quite a bit, while learning about metal. He is like an uncle to her and always looked out for her as she grew up. Aside from her newly discovered sister, he was the only family she had. Now that her training is over, she continues to stay in touch with him. He pays her when he can – though money is not part of their relationship.


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