And in the morning...

And in the morning…

- Ganner Rhysode: A Tough Jack who wields two weapons at once.
D-Bay: (Not Present)
- Styx: A mechanical Nano who Rides the Lightning
Ken: (Not Present)
- Slag: A Mutant Glaive Who Fuses Flesh and Steel
- Nasmera: A mystical Nano who works Miracles;
- Kari: A Graceful Glaive who exists partially out of phase
Kelly: (Not Present)
- Phish: A Rugged Jack who crafts illusions
- Isabelle: A graceful Jack who bears a halo of flame
- Korvin: A Tough Glaive who Masters Weaponry
- Nectus: A Swift Jack who works the Back Alleys

We start to clean up the area. We send Slag and Phish back to the boat with the rest of the gear, while the rest of us take the bodies and place them on the roof where Hannah and one of the other are already on. We place the bodies safely on the roof. Approaching the fence, Nectus attempts to pick the lock, while the rest of the folks try to climb the fence. Korvin gets angry by not being able to climb, so takes a rock from the ground and smashes the lock off. We look into the main area, which is covered by vegetation about 5 feet tall. Ganner drops a bolt but there is no reaction. Ganner climbs down carefully. This is the first time we have seen any vegetation for any weeks. Korvin wanders over to a pretty flower, trips and gets the flower lodged into his nose. He suffers excruciating pain and barely holds himself together.

Ganner walks over to the group, taking care not to stand on any vegetation. Nasmera identifies the plants as using skin contact to transfer poison type effects. She is able to lead Ganner through a section of the plants to about the mid-point before a large spinning sound erupts with a bright green light striking everyone in the party. Korvin and Nasmera are the only ones that escape – the rest of the party passes out. Ganner, when he passes out, slides into the middle of the plants. Korvin and Nasmera slowly work their way to Ganner and attempt to get him back to the group. Within about a minute, everyone slowly wakes up. As a group we slowly get back to the main section. We begin to start cutting our way forward. We gain another 9 feet before the explosive light starts again. This time, only Nectus and Ganner pass out again. Nasmera gains insight into what the green light is based on and becomes immune to it. Within 5 feet of the door, the light comes again. Nectus smiles as he becomes immune to the light as well. We finally attain the door and are able to evaluate the door. We notice a lever to the side of the door. Ganner reaches in and pulls the lever downward and the plants separate and open up a natural path to the tower. Nectus is able to pick the lock for the door.

As we open the door, we notice that the room is full of boxes and storage. There are many clothes and uniforms (general tools and supplies). The party all take cloaks and place them next to the doors. There are stairs to the side. Korvin slowly climbs the stairs and when he attains the last step, the lights slowly come up and we notice a revolving “window” that slowly cycles around the room. We find remnants of a powder that heals (1d6 +2 Speed) – Level 5; Injector – resists poison or disease for 24 – Level 3; Level 5 liquid that puts the individual to sleep for an hour. In addition, there are enough raw materials costing 100 shins. Ganner takes the fine powder. Isabelle found an oddity of a metal disk that creates a small noise in the ear of the holder.

Upon closer examination of the moving “window”, Ganner wants Isabelle and Nasmera to hold it at just the “right” angle. Nasmera can tell that from an angle, the wall increases in depth. We have many theories on what the depth is, but we decide to pass it by at the moment.

On the second floor, we begin to search through the area. Korvin and Ganner search through the room and notice a hidden panel under one of the desks. In the panel, there is a leather-bound book, which turns out to be Priest Hale’s journal. Reading through the document we are able to get a better understanding of the artifact, of which “Zarmun” happens to carry on his person at all times, hanging around his neck. The other mentioned name within the journal is “Brogan”. We find that there is a slight depression on the second level that may be opened. We find a set of stairs downward. Isabelle lights herself within her palm so that she has some light. Isabelle leads the way with the rest following, while Nectus waits at the door to make sure that it does not close. Moving down the stairs, we pass the bottom of the first floor and goes even further below the ground. A single voice comes out and asks a single word. We do not recognize the language. Within the next couple of minutes, the voice says another word, also waiting. A third word, followed by a complete sentence is then spoken. The group, minus Nectus and Nasmera move downwards. Nectus is still at the top of the stairs, while Nasmera remains mid-way down the stairs. Isabelle pokes her head down and yelps when a whip comes through the doorway and grabs Isabelle and pulls her into the room.

Ganner and Korvin leap into the room and noticing a Masti-gophore, immediately attack. Korvin and Isabelle are attacked again, as the attacks come raining down. Nectus runs down the stairs, entering the room and attacks, but misses. Isabelle moves into range, but misses. Ganner yells to Korvin – plan “B” and they automatically link their attacks. Ganner attacks and hits, but to no avail. The Masti turns and attacks Nectus and damages him. Nectus lunges with his spear, but is not able to hit it. Isabelle runs at the Masti and tackles him to the ground. Nasmera activates a Magnetic Shield cypher and essentially stops combat. Isabelle is able to decapitate the Masti, which then explodes and tears the room apart. Nasmera then notices another Masti coming down the hallway, so she lights a torch and goes down the hallway – slowly pushing the Masti further down the hallway.

After 6 minutes of walking down the hallway, Nasmera reaches the opposite stairway, removes the device and slowly walks back toward the others. Isabelle, waits for the field to drop and then runs along the walls to get behind the Masti. Ganner starts to fire his crossbow and hits Isabelle instead. The Masti hits Isabelle in retaliation. Korvin hits the Masti and damages it, while Isabelle tackles it to the ground. Nasmera focuses her thoughts, but only gets a headache. With a roar, the Masti throws Isabelle off. With a flick of her hair, she tackles it again and brings it down. Korvin strikes it in the head, while Nasmera makes its eyes bleed. Ganner fires another crossbow bolt, and strikes Isabelle again. Korvin strikes again at the Masti and kills it. It explodes and rocks the hallway.

Searching the bodies of the Masti, we each find 8 shins and two cyphers:
- Disrupting nodule – level 1 – weapon mode perhaps (28 hour) Ganner
- Reality Spike – level 5 – railroad spike looking object (1d6 +4) Nasmera

Ganner finds 30 shin and one cypher:
- Stim – level 4 – (pill) reduces next action by three (3) cyphers. – Ganner

Once we have cleaned up, healed and searched the area – we head back to the far stairs and climb them. At the top of the stairs, there is a lever and we activate it. It leads out to a ravine on the North of the town. It is still almost a mile out of town. We decide to head back to town. The boys decide to run ahead, while Isabelle and Nasmera walk back toward the town. They take some time talking about the family.

When we arrive at the town, we notice that the town is starting to burn based upon the Ratmen and their approach. They are burning the town step by step. We make it to the tower, activate the defenses. We secure rations for two days each, grab our cloaks, and slowly close the doors behind us. We see that the Ratmen have finally noticed the tower and are moving toward it. We take our packs, head down the long tunnel and to the stairway. Korvin takes his mace and collapses the tunnel behind us. As we leave the area and start following the tracks to the North – we use subterfuge to mask our tracks and merge them to our previous tracks circling back to town. We travel to the North for about three hours, approximately 10-12 miles before we make camp.

We rest as we can, though we cannot sleep well. Nasmera spends some time to heal both Ganner and Korvin. She then takes some time to clean out her pack, repack it, and clean her gear the best she can.

After an hour, we are all exhausted, except Nectus who had an excellent night of sleeping. We secure all of our gear and pack up for the movement to the North.

After a day and a half of travel, Korvin and Isabelle see some shining lights in the distance, which may or may not be there. We continue to follow the tracks. After a few more hours we come across a line in the sand where everything turns to gray. We stop before we move into the “shades of grey” and examine it more. Nasmera throws a plant over the line to check the many different aspects that may relate to this sphere. We continue walking along the path, following the tracks, and heading toward the shining object. It is noted that there are several tracks, some older than others.

As the day wanes, we are able to more closely focus on the shining object. It is a large, metallic structure – approximately 40 feet tall. As we move within 300 meters of the structure, we notice that there are humanoid figures at the base of the tower. We go to cover. As we pause under the tower – we reflect upon our journey and earn 2 points of experience.



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