Aveline Blackhawk

Rugged Mutant Glaive who Murders/Masters Defense



Effort 1
Xp 7 (3 unspent)

Might Pool 15, Edge 1
Speed Pool 14, Edge 2
Intellect Pool 10, Edge 0

Cypher Limit: 2

Might Skills:


Speed Skills:

Speed Defense (Trained) + Shield Asset

Intellect Skills:

Perception (Trained)

Botany (Trained)

Glaive-specific Abilities

Practiced with all weapons

Practiced in Armor (-3 penalty for wearing armor)

No need for weapons

Murders/ Masters Defense:

Tier 1: Surprise Attack (+2 dmg if no one saw the attack)

Tier 1: Shield Master (I may gain 2 assets of speed defense if Iwish while using my shield. However, all attacks are increased by one step to my detriment)

Suggested effects:

Minor effects: No one but the foe notices that I make the attack

Major effects: If I have a poison in my belongings, I was able to apply it just before the strike and its effects are applied to the target hit

Minor effects: +1 bonus to defense rolls for one round

Major effects: +2 bonus to defense rolls for one round


Bow with quiver 24 arrows
Medium armor
Explorers pack
2 lvl 3 poisons (+5 dmg)
Disguise kit

93 Shins

Artifacts & Oddities:

Metal canister that fills with 4 quarts of water every day at the same time


Lvl 5 Infiltrator (500 foot scan centered around the user)

Lvl 3 Time Dilation Module (Provides might and speed defense asset by making the user teleport around whenever hit)

Mutations: To be known at a later date

Harmful: To be known at a later date

Beneficial: To be known at a later date

Distinctive: To be known at a later date

Cosmetic: To be known at a later dateimage.jpg


Aveline Blackhawk

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