The fire chick is back

Lady antabelle wants us to find an artifact. 2′ × 1′ not sure what it looks like. Don’t put the two together
5 inch circular piece given to elrik. Inlaid with gold. Black inside. Black stone that looked he universe was opening. It is called the black opal and will guide us to a gate. Brought back. Doesn’t know if it is time sensitive. We will get paid 600. Elrik gets everyone 10% up front.

Still no leads on symbols.

Travel for one day and get to crossroads. Set up camp and elrik set some traps. Early morning e&e hear noise to their right. See a small monkey like thing. A shanu
Eric gives it food and it eventually climbs up on his shoulder.

Around 10ish a lone figure comes closer. Crüe decision is made to head towards the scorpion sanctum. We travel for a day with no issues. Next evening Ethan hears singing. Ethan tries to look at the book and takes 3 points of damage. Whispers tells everyone to wake up. There is trouble.

There seems to be abhumans coming our way. A couple of them are traveling in the trees. Initiative is rolled. Kelly onslaught. Whisper misses with her crossbow. Ethan misses. Kelly misses his onslaught attack. Ken shoots one doing 6 damage. Whisper misses again picked up weapon and makes fire. Pcs get attacked all miss.

Ken hit one with bow and David brings down the axe on one doing extra damage. Brae misses. Ethan hits and does massive damage. Whisper and beast hit killing a foe. Next foe dies as he falls Elrik pulls attack of abhumans from brae. Kelly onslaughts doing a good hit. Ethan hits as we’ll doing good damage.

Ken destroys the leader with his arrows of might

2 abhumans tackle elrik. Eric comes to help pulling one off. Tia’s throws off his attacker and whisper misses. Abhumans misses elrik. Ken hit. Eric misses. Whisper hits and does 6 damage. Eric hits doing 7 damage and killing him. Whisper gets hit for 5 damage. David helps whisper and hits with a good hit.

Brea strikes down the last foe and the players find a cypher and 16 shins.

Keep traveling and take a lunch. Silver creature from arena shows up and gives us a strange map to some mountains. It is decided to keep going to sanctum and then check out mountains.

Travel a day and sleep in a cave.. First night of brea transformation to wolf. Get up and head to scorpion sanctum.

Decide not to go to the sanctum. Head back to the mountains. Head up the northwest trail. Run into a very small village. Eric goes into store to get rations. There is a little girl and father

Eric buys 8 rations. Plus a globe



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