Who said the arena was not fun

Characters start in upxhon. We are in the tilted cog. Lady Arabella was our contact. She was scholarly and frail. Was entranced with crystals. Two days later approached by lady servant that she may have work in a couple of days. Meeting on the 16th. The party splits up. Some stay at the bar others go to the gladiator rings. Gladiator rings. Kelly and Aidan pay to get in and watch. Breadan and David go to see how to fight. Entry fee is 25. We asked where to find sponsors. They can be found at the feathered cap. Guard says to try mollaro. The feathered cap is wearing nice clothes. A nice establishment. A lady escorts the two down stairs Bar: two people talked about ghost mountain and silver Library: Ethan finds strange tombs. One book seems out of place. Green binding and strange letters Feathered Cap: led to a room with a knight an lots of numenera. Some sort of force field between us. Looks at us with strange eye and two dogs come out to inspect us.he gives Breadan money to get in with no terms. Breadan enters and is allowed to join the green team. Strange man in silver is focusing on cyphers. Eventually the green team is organized and they are sent to battle 10 killisti. Ends up fighting 3. Breadan gets poisoned but eventually resists. They kill and then have to fight 2 bears. The fight does not go well the little guy dies and Breadan gets mauled losing all his might. Eventually the bear dies massive melee Ken: lady takes to swinging and playing an instrument. Ethan: leaves the library with a book. Margr seem to be following him and attacking. He runs away and they seem to disinigrate. Ken: bodies in the desert. Dead bodies moving

Next day. Garden of Jerzen need a flower purple in color and red stalks. Trading services for healing. Garden seems to move. Cloud crystal sky fields. Within a month.

Nano shop: priest of aeon in upper level of shop. He is not happy that the book is in his proximity. Priest goes to library and opens the door magically. The section where Ethan got the book is no longer there. Then it comes into phase and the creepy man talks about the ghost mountains. Very few return.

Arena of death. Green two has died. His only companion is sitting there dead. Girl from team two survived. They have to fight a wedge gladiator bandits. Breadan fails while the girl takes out multiple
Keeps failing. The battle ends in a stasis. The owner freezes the battle and tells the two to meet him downstairs. David helps brae get to the room. 20 combatants. 500 shins he needs something retrieved. Each get 200. He will double that when they get back with an item that he does not know where it is. A bell. 5 locations. Fish fly, garden of jixen, crowd city, ghost mountains, scorpion sanctum. Somewhere within the cloud crystal region. Whisper is the woman’s name. Expected to take up to two months. Convergence my be involved. Whisper is with the order of truth.

Whisper wants to meet. Fork in the road towards the scorpion sanctum. Morning of the third day.



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